Weed Clear Brush

Weed Clear Brush
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The Weed Clear Brush roots out those unsightly weeds from patios, paths or block paving easily and effortlessly. The Weed Clear Brush features a tough wooden block with stiff wire bristles to ease out weeds and moss from patios & paths. Adjacent to the wire bristles is a strong spike designed to dig deep to the roots and remove stubborn moss. The telescopic handle extends to 5ft. Includes Spare Head.


  • Roots out weeds, moss and more
  • Dual function head with steel spike & bristles
  • Steel spike 6cm (2.5″) digs deep between the cracks to get right down to the roots and that stubborn moss
  • 3 sets of converging, tough wire bristles make light work of those unwanted weeds
  • Telescopic handle up to 1.4m (5′) (adjust to suit) helps to eliminate backache
  • Includes 2 dual function heads (1 to use & 1 spare)


  • Extends from: 86cm/34″ to 147cm/58″
  • Spike length: 6.5cm/2.5″


  • 416g

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