Safety Grab Bar

Safety Grab Bar
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Ensure your safety in the shower or when getting in and out of the bath with these Safety Grab Bars. The vacuum-seal suction cups will lock instantly and securely onto any smooth, shiny surface without the need for drilling. The Safety Grab Bars can also be just as easily removed and relocated by simply releasing the suction cups with one simple action. The Safety Grab Bar can be positioned wherever extra support and stability is required. So if you are getting in and out of the bath or shower, or lifting yourself on and off the toilet, the Safety Grab Bars are the perfect addition to your bathroom


  • Easy to fit - no tools or drilling needed
  • Simply push levers down and the handle is fixed firmly – to release just flip the levers
  • Vacuum-seal cups lock instantly onto any smooth, shiny surface, giving you the support needed
  • Can be repositioned in seconds
  • Colour: White


  • Measures (29cm) 11″ long


  • 304g

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