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  • Folding Step Stool
    If you need to reach those top shelves, or change a light bulb quickly and safely, but don’t have the space to keep a step ladder then this Handy Helper Folding Step Stool is ideal for you. Folding down to just 4cm deep, this folding step stool can be discreetly stored away. Easy to open up, the Han..(Read More)
  • Folding Walking Stick
    The Folding Walking Stick is perfect for those who require occasional help from a walking aid. Ideal for keeping in your car, you can be confident that help is close at hand...(Read More)
  • Foot Survival Kit
    Protect heels from shoes that slip and rub with the Foot Survival Kit. They provide all day comfort for any shoe and also cushion your feet against blisters...(Read More)
  • FootEze
    Help refresh and soothe tired or injured feet with FootEze. FootEze is an ideal mix of 3 essential oils which are reputed to work effectively together in easing ailments caused by injury or general wear and tear to the feet...(Read More)
  • Gel Toe Protectors
    Protect and cushion your toes against pain, rubbing and chafing with these Gel Toe Protectors. The specially designed soft, silicone gel caps are suitable to wear with any kind of shoes...(Read More)
  • Gel Toe Separators
    Get fast relief from pain with the Gel Toe Separators. The contoured soft silicone gel toe separators give bunions and inflamed toe joints the room to relax and heal. They gently re-align the toe to stop overlapping. Wear inside shoes for all-day walking comfort...(Read More)
  • Gentleman’s Personal Trimmer/Shaver
    Keep yourself well groomed with the Gentleman’s Personal Trimmer/Shaver. The triple head rotary shaver gives a really close shave whilst the trimmer keeps your beard and moustache neatly trimmed...(Read More)
  • Hair Drying Gloves
    Don’t like using a hair dryer? The microfibre Hair Drying Gloves will dry your hair at least 3 times faster than your normal towel making them perfect for naturally dried hair...(Read More)
  • Hair Snare
    Save money on plumbing bills and prevent clogged drains with Hair Snair. Simply place over your plug hole to capture any loose hair and debris for simple removal...(Read More)
  • Hair Wrap
    Great for the sauna or the pool! The Hair Wrap is a great hair accessory that aids in drying wet hair. Just slip over wet hair, twist and loop and its there to stay...(Read More)
  • Hands-Free Magnifier
    The Hands-Free Magnifier is ergonomically designed to offer stability when doing close up precision work. Ideal for knitting, embroidery, craft, reading small print, and much more. Hands-Free Magnifier has a neck strap, anti-slip feet and rests comfortably on the chest when in use. It also features ..(Read More)
  • Handy Grabber
    Now you can get into all those hard to reach places, high or low, with this Handy Grabber. The Handy Grabber will extend your reach by up to 3 feet. The Handy Grabber has suction cups to provide extra grip of any item and can lock in a closed position. The Handy Grabber can also help those with limi..(Read More)
  • Handy Grabber
    Now you can get into all those hard to reach places, high or low, with this Handy Grabber. This product is ideal for use around your home and garden and can be used to pick anything up from litter to many household items...(Read More)
  • HeadEze
    Help ease the discomfort of tension headaches, migraines and other similar ailments with HeadEze. HeadEze is the perfect mix of 4 essential oils and provides a warm moody scent, perfect for promoting calm and reducing stress...(Read More)
  • Homemate® Fix-a-Seat™
    Quickly and easily fix wobbly/loose toilet seats..(Read More)

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