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  • Waistband Stretcher
    No need to discard your favourite trousers or skirts because they are a little tight. Give yourself a few more inches for that perfect fit, with our new easy to use Waistband Stretcher you can retain the comfortable fit of waistbands by expanding them by at least 4″. Simply fit the Waistband Stretch..(Read More)
  • Watch Tracker
    This GPS Watch is ideal for keeping track of wandering children or the elderly. It has built in two-way sound communication via your mobile phone with GPS instant location with street address on Google maps. No annual subscription needed, simply connects with your mobile via Pay & Go sim...(Read More)
  • Waterproof Pants
    Get that extra discrete protection when needed with these soft Waterproof Pants. They are designed to be worn over disposable and washable pants and give a comfortable snug feel against the skin...(Read More)
  • Will Kit
    Created by Lawyers, this Will Kit is a must have item for anyone of any age. This do-it-yourself Will Kit is packed with advice, instructions and background information on making your Will, ensuring your assets are left where you want them to be. ..(Read More)
  • Windproof Umbrella
    Fed up of getting soaking wet when it’s windy and raining because your normal umbrella keeps blowing inside out? This Windproof Umbrella lets you stay dry and keeps you covered even on the windiest day...(Read More)
  • Wooden Walking Stick
    Combining style and function, the Wooden Walking Stick is sleek and elegant but also very sturdy and slip-resistant. It comes with a comfortable Fritz handle which is very comfortable to hold as the ergonomic handle eliminates pressure points in the middle part of the hand. ..(Read More)
  • Yoga Mat
    The durable PVC Yoga Mat provides the perfect non-slip workout space for you to stretch and exercise. Don't go unprepared to your yoga workouts!..(Read More)

Homemate for Health and Personal Care products.