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Homemate provide a selection of helpful and innovative Useful Aids for helping around the home and when out and about

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  • Sleep Alert
    Sleep Alert is a inexpensive automobile safety device, that prevents drivers falling asleep at the wheel. This intelligent device is designed to detect when the driver is in danger of dozing off and immediately alerts them and co-passengers. Prevents a potential crash. The light weight gadget fits c..(Read More)
  • Snuggle Bootees
    Keep your feet warm and cosy with the Snuggle Bootees. The unique bootees with their own heating system! Just sit back, relax and put your feet up...(Read More)
  • Sonic Denture Cleaner
    The Sonic Denture Cleaner produces a sonic wave which gently agitates your cleaning solution, greatly enhancing its efficiency. By using sonic technology you can be sure that your dentures are kept clean and sanitised, without the need for abrasive brushing. ..(Read More)
  • Swivel Seat
    An invaluable aid for use in transfers to or from a car! The deluxe Swivel Seat turns easily to allow the user to get in or out of seats with ease...(Read More)
  • Telescopic Back Scratcher
    The Telescopic Back Scratcher is perfectly sized to reach below the shoulder blades. The scratching hand has rounded ends for a nice, enjoyable back scratch. The back scratcher measures 5 1/2 inches long when closed and opens to a maximum length of 18 inches to scratch those hard to reach places!..(Read More)
  • Telescopic Shoe Horn
    If you struggle to bend or reach to put on your shoes, then the Telescopic Shoe Horn is the ideal handy helper for you. Extending to nearly 90cm, the Telescopic Shoe Horn takes the strain out of pulling on your shoes. ..(Read More)
  • U-Neck Pillow
    Soft, comfortable and supportive and the ideal companion for any journey. The U-Neck Pillow is made from soft flexible spandex that molds to any position and filled with soft micro-beads to cushion and relax your neck & head. It is machine washable and dryable for your convenience. Great for the bus..(Read More)
  • Universal Grip Turner
    If you struggle to turn keys in your doors, or knobs on appliances, then the Universal Grip Turner is the ideal item to have in your handbag or kitchen drawer. The Universal Grip Turner is great if you have problems with manual dexterity. By holding the ergonomic handle and applying gentle pressure ..(Read More)
  • USB LED Clip-On Light
    The perfect portable light that is ideal for working at night when others are trying to sleep, or to provide additional close-up light on your laptop, etc. The USB LED Clip-On Light also comes with its own handy carry case...(Read More)
  • Waistband Stretcher
    No need to discard your favourite trousers or skirts because they are a little tight. Give yourself a few more inches for that perfect fit, with our new easy to use Waistband Stretcher you can retain the comfortable fit of waistbands by expanding them by at least 4″. Simply fit the Waistband Stretch..(Read More)
  • Watch Tracker
    This GPS Watch is ideal for keeping track of wandering children or the elderly. It has built in two-way sound communication via your mobile phone with GPS instant location with street address on Google maps. No annual subscription needed, simply connects with your mobile via Pay & Go sim...(Read More)
  • Will Kit
    Created by Lawyers, this Will Kit is a must have item for anyone of any age. This do-it-yourself Will Kit is packed with advice, instructions and background information on making your Will, ensuring your assets are left where you want them to be. ..(Read More)
  • Windproof Umbrella
    Fed up of getting soaking wet when it’s windy and raining because your normal umbrella keeps blowing inside out? This Windproof Umbrella lets you stay dry and keeps you covered even on the windiest day...(Read More)
  • Wooden Walking Stick
    Combining style and function, the Wooden Walking Stick is sleek and elegant but also very sturdy and slip-resistant. It comes with a comfortable Fritz handle which is very comfortable to hold as the ergonomic handle eliminates pressure points in the middle part of the hand. ..(Read More)

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