Pure Health Heart Rollerball

Pure Health Heart Rollerball
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Nerve endings in the soles of the feet are linked to the major organs of the body. It is claimed that by simply applying the rollerball to the nerve endings relating to the organ that is giving concern, it may benefit the organ and may help to alleviate the ailment being experienced. Pure Health Heart Rollerball is a blend of 3 essential oils that are noted for their beneficial effect upon the heart.


  • Simple & easy to use – refer to reflexology chart & apply to part of foot that relates to the heart
  • Essential oils comprise of Lavender – believed to stimulate the growth of new cells and to rejuvenate
  • Juniper – said to be an important aid in detoxification and has been used for centuries as a tonic and a scent to ward off infection
  • Ylang Ylang – believed to relax tensions, angers and fears
  • Do not use if pregnant


  • 10ml


  • 35g

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