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  • Folding Table
    The lightweight, durable Folding Table is the perfect table for all your needs and is ideal for picn..
  • Folding Trolley Cart
    The Folding Trolley Truck is the perfect aid in moving heavy and awkward loads without worrying abou..
  • Gas Level Indicator
    Ever been caught short with an empty gas cylinder? The Gas Level Indicator accurately displays just ..
  • Gold Cleaning Mitt
    The Gold Cleaning Mitt is a great way to keep your gold items looking like new. Impregnated with a c..
  • Gutter Mesh
    Keep gutters free from obstruction with Gutter Mesh, it prevents leaves, twigs, moss and other debri..
    Was: £7.99 £4.99
  • Handy Grabber
    Now you can get into all those hard to reach places, high or low, with this Handy Grabber. This prod..
  • Hard Water Wand
    The imported volcanic pumice head on this Hard Water Wand removes unattractive stains like magic – w..
  • Hook and Loop Sticky Pads
    The perfect alternative to nails, screws & glues, the self adhesive Hook and Loop Sticky Pads ar..
  • Hug Light
    This super versatile Hug Light is the most flexible reading light ever. You can wear it, hang it, wr..
  • Indoor TV Antenna
    Receive excellent reception for digital TV and radio with this Indoor TV Antenna. With a standard co..
  • Lap Desk with USB Light
    The practical and light-weight Lap Desk with removable USB Light is the perfect accessory for any la..
    Was: £29.99 £19.99
  • Led Light-Up Reading Aid
    Enjoy your favorite book anytime, anywhere with the Led Light-Up Reading Aid. A portable book readin..
  • Lint Remover
    Make your clothes look like new again with this handy Lint Remover. Every home should have one! F..
  • Lint Remover
    Fed up of dog or cat hairs all over your clothes! The Lint Remover is the answer, it removes lint, h..
  • Long Handled Dustpan & Brush
    Take the strain out of sweeping up around the house with this Long-Handled Dustpan & Brush. The ..