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  • Bedside Work Table
    Have everything you need within easy reach with this handy, Bedside Work Table. It can adjust to fit any bed size and with an adjustable height from 33cm – 43cm, its ideal for watching movies in bed from your laptop...(Read More)
  • Behind Radiator Brush
    Clean behind dusty radiators with ease with the Behind Radiator Brush. This flexible microfibre duster can reach behind radiators and other awkward areas such as wardrobes, appliances or any heavy objects that can’t be easily moved. The flexible, cone-shape of this Behind Radiator Brush makes this t..(Read More)
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  • Biodegradable Doggy Bags
    Specially designed for responsible dog owners, these dog waste bags are the perfect way to quickly and easily dispose of your pet's waste. Not only are they scented, but they are fully biodegradable and therefore safe for the environment too...(Read More)
  • Blind Cleaner
    The perfect tool for one of those jobs we hate and keep putting off. The clever Blind Cleaner is quick and easy to use on both horizontal and vertical blinds with no cleaning sprays or polishes necessary, the dust just simply clings to it. Use dry to dust and wet to clean...(Read More)
  • Book Safe
    Keep all your valuables under lock and key in the ingenious Book Safe. With its New English Dictionary cover it could easily be mistaken for just another book on your shelf...(Read More)
  • Bug Bat
    Bat those bugs away! Simply press the button and swing. The tennis styled racket will destroy flies and mosquitoes, etc. instantly on the electric powered grid. Press the button on the side of the handle when the face of the Bug Bat is in contact with an insect. This will send an electric charge thr..(Read More)
  • Bug Buster
    This is the perfect choice for those of us who hate creepy crawlies. The Bug Buster is a hand-held battery powered spider/insect trap that vacuums up spiders & bugs from ceilings, floors & walls etc at arms length. Insects are captured safely in the clear tube for a quick release outside away from h..(Read More)
  • Butterfly Magnets
    These stunning, realistic Butterfly Magnets will look lovely attached to your window! They make the perfect gift for all butterfly collectors..(Read More)
  • Cake Cutting Wire
    Split cakes evenly, quickly and simply with the handy Cake Cutting Wire. It ensures that you have a professional finish every time...(Read More)
  • Cake Decorating Set - 100 Piece
    Like to bake? Take it to the next level with this 100 piece Cake Decorating Set. It features everything you will need to create beautiful masterpieces, all in one concise set...(Read More)
  • Cake Tester
    Bake cakes to perfection with this stainless steel Cake Tester. A must have item in any kitchen...(Read More)
  • Canvas Hanging Wardrobe Organiser
    Save space and keep you wardrobes tidy and organised with the Canvas Hanging Wardrobe Organiser. This heavy-duty, hard-wearing organiser has plenty of room for all kind of clothes. ..(Read More)
  • Capillary Matting
    Keep your plants watered whilst on holiday with the Capillary Matting. The excellent capillary matting feeds a constant supply of water direct to the roots of plants. It is ideal for watering greenhouse and indoor plants as it is economical, virtually automatic and saves a great deal of time and ene..(Read More)
  • Car Dog Hammock
    Protect the entire backseat and foot wells of your car from spills, mud and dog hairs with this hard-wearing Car Dog Hammock. With adjustable straps that attach around the headrests, the Car Dog Hammock cleverly covers the void of your backseat foot wells to protect your pet from injury in the event..(Read More)
  • Carpet Grips - Pack of 4
    Keep your rugs and mats firmly in place, with these specially designed Carpet Grips. These purpose-made Carpet Grips simply stick to the back of any mat or rug and the gentle yet strong and sharp plastic spikes lock onto the carpet pile to prevent any dangerous movement..(Read More)

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