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  • Knife Sharpening Steel
    Get right to the point with a Knife Sharpening Steel that can help keep your knives razor sharp. The Acero Knife Sharpening Steel from the Master Class range offers a balance of performance, safety and comfort and is perfect for maintaining a sharp cutting edge on a variety of kitchen knives...(Read More)
  • Lap Desk with USB Light
    The practical and light-weight Lap Desk with removable USB Light is the perfect accessory for any laptop, book, craft work & more. Whether studying, reading or involved with a multitude of hobbies this Lap Desk affords ease and flexibility of use, whilst the mini beanbag cushion provides the ultimat..(Read More)
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  • Large Queen Anne Style Occasional Table
    Add a touch of style and elegance to any room with this Queen Anne Style Occasional Table. Finished in smart walnut veneer & with stylish cabriolet legs this creates a functional yet attractive addition to any living room or study. Supplied flat-packed for easy home assembly...(Read More)
  • Led Light-Up Reading Aid
    Enjoy your favorite book anytime, anywhere with the Led Light-Up Reading Aid. A portable book reading light panel that is a new way to read without bothering anyone else...(Read More)
  • Lever Arm Corkscrew Gift Set
    Open a bottle of wine in only three seconds with the Deluxe Lever Arm Corkscrew Gift Set! A perfect gift, the set is presented in a deluxe gift presentation and storage box...(Read More)
  • Lint Remover
    Fed up of dog or cat hairs all over your clothes! The Lint Remover is the answer, it removes lint, hair and debris from clothes, furniture etc. All homes should have one!..(Read More)
  • Lint Remover
    Make your clothes look like new again with this handy Lint Remover. Every home should have one!..(Read More)
  • Long Handled Dustpan & Brush
    Take the strain out of sweeping up around the house with this Long-Handled Dustpan & Brush. The plastic dustpan and soft-bristled brush make easy work of sweeping up, plus the dustpan has a flat base and shaped lip for efficient dust collection. The Long Handled Dustpan & Brush is the perfect additi..(Read More)
  • Long Handled Support Grip
    Ensure your safety in the shower or when getting in and out of the bath with this Long Handled Support Grip. The vacuum-seal suction cups will lock instantly and securely onto any smooth, shiny surface such as tiles, without the need for drilling...(Read More)
  • Magic Vases
    These unique flat-pack vases mean that you no longer have to struggle with a cupboard overflowing with vases of every shape and size. Use them to create your own unique displays that will impress your family and friends...(Read More)
  • Magnetic Insect Door Mesh
    Keep your home bug and insect free with the Magnetic Insect Door Mesh. Keep even the smallest of bugs and insects out of your home whilst allowing fresh air to circulate...(Read More)
  • Manhole Cover Key
    Remove manholes easily with this manhole cover key.  Made from heavy duty, heat treated carbon steel, the key has a rectangular shaped end and a triangular handle...(Read More)
  • Mattress Deodoriser
    Clean your mattress hygienically in minutes with the Mattress Deodoriser. Mattresses cannot be effectively washed yet we spend years of our life sleeping on them, creating odours and mites, mould, fungus and unpleasant bacteria. Just a quick spray of this professional mattress cleaner effectively ki..(Read More)
  • Mattress Magic Stain Remover
    An instant stain removal without the need for scrubbing, a no fuss product- just spray and walk away. The Mattress Magic Stain Remover is a fast acting cleaning agent that is ideal for removing organic stains from food, drink, bed wetting or even stains that have dried into the fabric of the mattres..(Read More)
  • Measuring Spoon Set
    Brighten up your kitchen with the Colourworks Five-Piece Measuring Spoon Set. Made from stain resistant melamine, they are dishwasher safe and come with a 5 year guarantee...(Read More)

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