Easy Multi Slicer

Easy Multi Slicer
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The perfect choice to quickly slice or grate fresh foods and produce in seconds. The Easy Multi Slicer and Grater has 4 changeable slides;

  • Flat blade – for foods like cucumber, onion, cabbage.
  • Large Grater – for grating chocolate, garlic, cheese and more.
  • Small Grater – for grating fruit zest and small strand cheese.
  • Shredder – for shredding produce.


  • 4 piece food slicer set includes slicing base, 4 interchangeable blade options and a food holder to keep fingers away from sharp blades
  • Blades slide out and lock into place for easy cleaning
  • Grooves to hold onto a bowl for safe sliding & grating
  • Food holder slides up and down grater
  • Comfort grip handle for ease of use
  • For larger items simply unlock the food holder for proper grip


  • Size: 28 x 10.5 x 6cm (11 x 4 x 2.5″)


  • 293g

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