6W Electronic Fly Zapper

6W Electronic Fly Zapper
Product Code: 6W Electronic Fly Zapper
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This quality Electronic Fly killer is the ideal pest control for use around the home and outdoors. The UV tube attracts flies to the enclosed electronic grid which zaps the flies. There is no mess, fumes, or chemicals used. This is a portable unit and can be placed on a flat surface or hung. Ideal for factories, offices etc.


  • 1x 6W ultra violet tube
  • No poisonous vapour, irritating odour or contamination
  • Easy to install & clean
  • Easy to replace tube lights
  • Low power consumption
  • Metal Hook on top for easy hanging
  • Can be used freestanding or hanging
  • Removable tray for easy cleaning
  • 1M long electrical cable
  • 220V-240V - 50Hz/60Hz
  • Suitable for home, factories, restaurants, hospitals, offices and more.


  • 30 x 13cm dia (11.9 x 5.1")


  • 540g

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