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Homemate provides a vast selection of essential Home Solutions and Accessories, pratical solutions for a range of everyday household problems from storage units to decorating equipment & tools, home electricals to ladders, dehumidifiers to useful side tables and more! 

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  • 17 Piece Hobby Knife Set
    This excellent set of precision scalpel knives is perfect for craft and hobby use. It includes a wide range of tools for cutting, scratching, etching, layout & model making.  It comes complete with a storage case...(Read More)
  • 3 Way Video Game Switch
    Share one TV with 3 different sources with the 3 Way Video Game Switch. No need to unplug and plug in wires when changing from game consoles, DVD players etc..(Read More)
  • 4 Way Multi-Socket Adaptor
    Turn a single socket into four with the 4 Way Multi-Socket Adapter...(Read More)
  • Adaptor Wraps
    Fed up with tangled cables, don’t know which plug belongs to what item? This is the perfect solution - Adaptor Wraps. Simple yet effective this is a must have item in any home. Each plug can be plugged directly into an individual Wrap, which are compatible with all UK 3-pin charger plugs, and then t..(Read More)
  • Amazing Sliders
    Who would have ever thought that moving heavy furniture and more could be such an effortless task? The Amazing Sliders simply slide heavy objects across the floor and makes moving heavy items so easy!..(Read More)
  • Anti Slip Mat
    One of the most useful things to have around the house is the Anti-Slip Mat, the non-slip, cushioning elements make it the perfect tool for the job and its uses are endless. Suitable for use in bathrooms, kitchens, cars, boats and much more...(Read More)
  • Automatic Night Light
    Provide additional background lighting with the Automatic Night Light. They are handy to have in any room in the home; the gentle glow from the light provides comfort and safety all around the house...(Read More)
  • Book Safe
    Keep all your valuables under lock and key in the ingenious Book Safe. With its New English Dictionary cover it could easily be mistaken for just another book on your shelf...(Read More)
  • Canvas Hanging Wardrobe Organiser
    Save space and keep you wardrobes tidy and organised with the Canvas Hanging Wardrobe Organiser. This heavy-duty, hard-wearing organiser has plenty of room for all kind of clothes. ..(Read More)
  • Capillary Matting
    Keep your plants watered whilst on holiday with the Capillary Matting. The excellent capillary matting feeds a constant supply of water direct to the roots of plants. It is ideal for watering greenhouse and indoor plants as it is economical, virtually automatic and saves a great deal of time and ene..(Read More)
  • Carpet Grips - Pack of 4
    Keep your rugs and mats firmly in place, with these specially designed Carpet Grips. These purpose-made Carpet Grips simply stick to the back of any mat or rug and the gentle yet strong and sharp plastic spikes lock onto the carpet pile to prevent any dangerous movement..(Read More)
  • Ceramic Humidifiers
    Central heating may keep your house warm but can dry out the air too. Revitalize stale dry air and replace lost moisture with the Ceramic Humidifiers. Aromatise your room by adding a few drops of aromatic oil into the water...(Read More)
  • Cloth Grippers
    Hold those beds sheets firmly in place with the Cloth Grippers. The clips grasp the fabric of the sheets securely so now your sheets won't ride up, no matter how much you toss and turn...(Read More)
  • Clothes Storer
    More clothes than storage space! Simply store all your excess clothes in the handy Clothes Storer...(Read More)
  • Dehumidifying Egg
    Say goodbye to those musty odours and condensation problems with the Dehumidifying Egg.This ornamental egg is designed to reduce air moisture content in enclosed areas. Simply place a Dehumidifying Egg wherever damp and condensation is a problem and let it remove the unwanted moisture from the atmos..(Read More)

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