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Homemate provides a selection of Do It Yourself items and Tools from decorating equipment to ladders and more! 

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  • 2 Step Ladder
    The perfect choice to use around the home for all those hard to reach places, the strong and durable 2 Step Ladder is great for all your handy needs around the house and in the garden. Made from strong carbon steel it has a maximum load of 24st / 150kg. It has a safety clip situated behind the top s..(Read More)
  • 3 Step Ladder
    Perfect for those hard to reach places, the 3 step ladder is the ideal choice in any home. The strong and durable 3 Step Ladder is great for all your handy needs around the house and in the garden. With wide anti-slip steps, combined with a strong steel structure and a maximum load of 24st/150kg, sa..(Read More)
  • Homemate® Rolla Kleena™
    Handy tool for cleaning excess paint from rollers..(Read More)
  • Multi-Purpose Ladder
    This has to be one of the most versatile ladders ever invented and every home should have one. The Multi-Purpose Ladder has 14 different locking positions and when closed it will drop into your car boot or store in a cupboard. Super-strong design and manufacture give this ladder a real quality feel ..(Read More)
  • Paint Buddy
    Touch up paint quickly and easily with the Paint Buddy. It's the ultimate handy device to keep nearby for any time you need to touch up those unwanted marks and scuffs on painted surfaces without leaving any mess...(Read More)
  • Paint Runner
    Painting and decorating just got easier thanks to the Paint Runner! Paint easily and effortlessly with no drips, splatters or trips to the tray...(Read More)
  • Precision Screwdriver Set
    The perfect tool for all those detailed jobs. The Precision Screwdriver Set is an ideal all-round kit, ideal for use in and around the home or workplace...(Read More)
  • Sink and Drain Cleaning Rod
    Dread having to pay those costly plumbing bills for a blocked up drain? Invest in a flexible Sink and Drain Cleaning Rod, the handy little gadget for unblocking sinks, showers, drains and toilets. No household should be without one!..(Read More)
  • Sink Plunger
    Remove blockages from bath and sink waste pipes easily with the Sink Plunger. This handy little gadget that will hopefully keep you one step away from needing a plumber!..(Read More)
  • Sink Snake
    The fast and effective way to clear slow-moving or blocked drains! With the amazing Sink Snake, you can wave goodbye to unwanted hair clogging up your bathroom drain and watch the water escape freely and quickly once again...(Read More)
  • Telescopic Ladder
    The clever new alternative to conventional ladders! The Telescopic Ladder opens rung by rung to the height required giving great manoeuvrability, particularly in confined spaces. Extremely compact in storage and transport so easily fits into cupboard or car boot. The super-strong design and manufact..(Read More)

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