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  • Silver Cleaning Mitt
    The Silver Cleaning Mitt is a great way to keep your silver items looking like new. Impregnated with a cleaning, polishing and anti-tarnishing agent, the Silver Cleaning Mitt is quick and easy to use, keeping your silver items shining and tarnish free. Simply pop the Mitt onto your hand and you can ..(Read More)
  • Steam Mop
    There’s cleaning and then there’s steam cleaning so throw away your old mop and bucket and embrace the power of steam with this lightweight Steam Mop. No more chemicals, harness the power of steam to clean, deodorize and sanitise tiles, laminate, parquet, marble & carpeted flooring. ..(Read More)
  • Toilet Rim Cleaning Brush
    A toilet rim is the perfect breeding ground for germs and therefore it’s essential to clean your toilet completely. The Rim Cleaning Brush is specially designed to reach right under the rim of your toilet. The shaped brush head and stiff bristles allow you to effectively clean away stubborn dirt fro..(Read More)
  • Washing Machine Cleaner
    Clean, freshen and maintain your machine, cutting out expensive call out charges and repair bills with the Washing Machine Cleaner...(Read More)
  • Water Blade
    Perfect for cleaning windows and glass, inside and outside the home, the Water Blade is the perfect tool for leaving a streak-free finish. Conventional methods of cleaning glass can often leave your windows smeared, but with the Water Blade, you can be sure that water and cleaning products are remov..(Read More)
  • Waterless Window Gel
    Save a great deal of time and money with the revolutionary Waterless Window Gel, it prevents dirt and grime from sticking to your window panes, keeping them crystal clear and sparkling clean for up to a year. Also ideal for use on mirrors...(Read More)

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