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  • Active Floor Cleaner
    Make light work of cleaning those floors with the 3 in 1 Active Floor Cleaner. For a quick clean, simply pour cleaning liquid into the bottle and squeeze the trigger to release a micro mist of spray - perfect for quickly mopping up sticky and greasy marks. Get those floors sparkling clean in no time..(Read More)
  • Behind Radiator Brush
    Clean behind dusty radiators with ease with the Behind Radiator Brush. This flexible microfibre duster can reach behind radiators and other awkward areas such as wardrobes, appliances or any heavy objects that can’t be easily moved. The flexible, cone-shape of this Behind Radiator Brush makes this t..(Read More)
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  • Blind Cleaner
    The perfect tool for one of those jobs we hate and keep putting off. The clever Blind Cleaner is quick and easy to use on both horizontal and vertical blinds with no cleaning sprays or polishes necessary, the dust just simply clings to it. Use dry to dust and wet to clean...(Read More)
  • Carpet Sweeper
    The Carpet Sweeper is the perfect answer to a quick sweep without having to drag out the vacuum! Compact and lightweight, the Carpet Sweeper has an efficient rotating sweeping brush and the added benefit of easy-glide wheels. Also, no trailing cables makes the Carpet Sweeper a much easier and safer ..(Read More)
  • Disc Cleaner
    Bring your damaged media discs back to life with the Disc Cleaner. This handy repair kit can clean those discs and repair minor scratches that can cause drop-outs and skipping...(Read More)
  • Foaming Glass Cleaner
    Clean glass with ease to a beautiful, streak-free finish, with Foaming Glass Cleaner. Suitable for use on all mirrors and glass, the Foaming Glass Cleaner is brilliantly easy to use, and because it foams – it clings – so no more chasing drips down the window pane. It polishes off easily, with no eff..(Read More)
  • Gold Cleaning Mitt
    The Gold Cleaning Mitt is a great way to keep your gold items looking like new. Impregnated with a cleaning, polishing and anti-tarnishing agent, the Gold Cleaning Mitt is quick and easy to use, keeping your gold items shining and tarnish free. Simply pop the Mitt onto your hand and you can comforta..(Read More)
  • Hand-Held Steam Cleaner
    Embrace the power of steam with this portable Hand-held Steam Cleaner. Lightweight and compact, with a host of attachments this is perfect for cleaning, deodorizing and sanitizing all around the house with just the aid of water – no more chemicals. This Steam Cleaner is a highly effective way to cle..(Read More)
  • Hand-Held Steam Cleaner
    Throw away all those cleaning solutions and embrace the power of steam with the portable Hand-held Steam Cleaner. Lightweight and compact and with a host of attachments, this is perfect for cleaning, deodorizing and sanitizing all around the house with just the aid of water – no more chemicals. This..(Read More)
  • Hard Water Wand
    The imported volcanic pumice head on this Hard Water Wand removes unattractive stains like magic – with no harsh chemicals. Your porcelain bowl is safe with the Hard Water Wand, and because of the comfort reach handle, your hands do not need to come into contact with dirty water. Hard water stains, ..(Read More)
  • Long Handled Dustpan & Brush
    Take the strain out of sweeping up around the house with this Long-Handled Dustpan & Brush. The plastic dustpan and soft-bristled brush make easy work of sweeping up, plus the dustpan has a flat base and shaped lip for efficient dust collection. The Long Handled Dustpan & Brush is the perfect additi..(Read More)
  • Miracle Eraser Blocks
    The Miracle Eraser Blocks remove scuffs and stains instantly, without the need for harsh, abrasive chemicals. They leave no residue and are perfect for use on paintwork, vinyl, metals such as chrome and silver, and much more. Use with water for cleaning, or use dry if dusting...(Read More)
  • Multi-Function Steam Mop
    Harness the power of steam to clean every inch of your home with minimal effort with the Multi-Function Steam Mop. The Multi-Function Steam Mop glides seamlessly over surfaces to produce a dazzling finish every time. It puts the work in so you don’t have to. With a host of attachments its perfect fo..(Read More)
  • Oven Mate In Between Oven Cleaner
    Prolong the length of time between cleaning out the oven with Oven Mate in-Between Oven Cleaner. Use every time you cook to remove fat splatters and spills. Just spray on a cold oven and leave for 30 minutes and wipe off. Can also be used on door glass, steel and glass or enamel roasting trays...(Read More)
  • Rust Killer
    Protect all your metalwork against corrosion with Rust-Killer. The easy-to-apply, paint on formula converts rust into a protective layer that not only makes an excellent base for paint but also makes it more resistant to moisture and so protects the surface from further corrosion...(Read More)

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