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  • 17 Piece Hobby Knife Set
    This excellent set of precision scalpel knives is perfect for craft and hobby use. It includes a wide range of tools for cutting, scratching, etching, layout & model making.  It comes complete with a storage case...(Read More)
  • 2 Step Ladder
    The perfect choice to use around the home for all those hard to reach places, the strong and durable 2 Step Ladder is great for all your handy needs around the house and in the garden. Made from strong carbon steel it has a maximum load of 24st / 150kg. It has a safety clip situated behind the top s..(Read More)
  • 3 Step Ladder
    Perfect for those hard to reach places, the 3 step ladder is the ideal choice in any home. The strong and durable 3 Step Ladder is great for all your handy needs around the house and in the garden. With wide anti-slip steps, combined with a strong steel structure and a maximum load of 24st/150kg, sa..(Read More)
  • 3 Way Video Game Switch
    Share one TV with 3 different sources with the 3 Way Video Game Switch. No need to unplug and plug in wires when changing from game consoles, DVD players etc..(Read More)
  • 4 Way Multi-Socket Adaptor
    Turn a single socket into four with the 4 Way Multi-Socket Adapter...(Read More)
  • 4-in-1 Jar and Bottle Opener
    If you struggle to open jars and bottles then the 4-in-1 Jar & Bottle Opener is just what you need...(Read More)
  • 6 in 1 MultiChef
    The perfect small appliance to have any kitchen. With the 6 in 1 MultiChef you can cook in any of the following ways - fry, boil, slow cook, steam, roast, grill, braise, fondue and sauté. The 1300 watt MultiChef has a 5 litre capacity, removable pot with a non-stick coating and a glass lid with cool..(Read More)
  • 6W Electronic Fly Zapper
    This quality Electronic Fly killer is the ideal pest control for use around the home and outdoors. The UV tube attracts flies to the enclosed electronic grid which zaps the flies. There is no mess, fumes, or chemicals used. This is a portable unit and can be placed on a flat surface or hung. Ideal f..(Read More)
  • Active Ant Bait
    Attract and destroy all common ants in and around the home with the advanced bait system, Active Ant Bait. Active Ant Bait is suitable for indoor and outdoors use and should be placed wherever ants are seen. Its unique formulation, which is highly attractive to ants, is securely contained within the..(Read More)
  • Active Floor Cleaner
    Make light work of cleaning those floors with the 3 in 1 Active Floor Cleaner. For a quick clean, simply pour cleaning liquid into the bottle and squeeze the trigger to release a micro mist of spray - perfect for quickly mopping up sticky and greasy marks. Get those floors sparkling clean in no time..(Read More)
  • Adaptor Wraps
    Fed up with tangled cables, don’t know which plug belongs to what item? This is the perfect solution - Adaptor Wraps. Simple yet effective this is a must have item in any home. Each plug can be plugged directly into an individual Wrap, which are compatible with all UK 3-pin charger plugs, and then t..(Read More)
  • Alarm Clock and Weather Station
    Always be one step ahead of the weather with the smart, nifty Deluxe Alarm Clock and Weather Station. Its attractive, stylish design will look stunning in any room in the house. The Deluxe Alarm Clock and Weather Station displays the date, month and year, as well as the indoor humidity and temperatu..(Read More)
  • Amazing Sliders
    Who would have ever thought that moving heavy furniture and more could be such an effortless task? The Amazing Sliders simply slide heavy objects across the floor and makes moving heavy items so easy!..(Read More)
  • Ant Barrier Tape
    A quick and easy solution to stop ants and other insects from entering your home is Ant Barrier Tape; it acts as an effective barrier against ants and other creepy crawlies. Its environmentally friendly and lasts for up to 4 weeks...(Read More)

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