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  • Remote Controlled Mini Cooper
    Zooming around on 4 wheels has never been so much fun than with this super cool remote controlled Mini Cooper. Despite being scaled down, there has been no compromise on detail - this fully licensed Mini Cooper S features authentic styling, including an injection-moulded body, front grill and indepe..(Read More)
  • Remote Controlled Moon Walker
    The Remote Controlled Moon Walker is a fantastic and fun infrared controlled flying spaceman that will keep you entertained for hours. Send him off to explore where no man has gone before. Great fun is to be had flying your little Moonwalker around the house. Easy to fly. Suitable for indoor use onl..(Read More)
  • Russian Cossack Hat
    This simple and elegant black Ladies Russian Cossack Hat is the perfect addition to a winter outfit. Made from high quality faux fur and fully lined it’s a real statement piece. Designed to keep you very warm during those cold winter months...(Read More)
  • Shoe Mobile Phone Holder
    A girl can never have enough shoes! This is one shoe she will definitely want. The perfect accessory, this glamorous black Shoe Mobile Phone Holder and amplifier looks great anywhere...(Read More)
  • Singing Bird Clock
    Bring summertime into your home all year round with this delightful Singing Bird Clock. Each passing hour is denoted by a chime of real bird song from one of 12 British birds featuring tawny owl, chaffinch, cuckoo, great tit, greater spotted woodpecker, song thrush, barn owl, wren, blackbird, blue t..(Read More)
  • Sonic Jewellery Cleaner
    Restore the original sparkle and brilliance to all your favourite jewellery and precious stones and bring back lustre to gold, silver and platinum in minutes just by using your Sonic Jewellery Cleaner. Its easy to use and uses no harmful solutions chemicals...(Read More)
  • Spinning Spa Brush
    Pamper your skin, muscles and feet with the cordless Spinning Spa Brush – turning your showering experience into a luxury spa experience. With 5 interchangeable heads, The Spinning Spa Brush can scrub, soothe & rejuvenate, clean, massage and exfoliate your skin. ..(Read More)
  • Whistling Key Finder
    Fed up of losing your keys? The Whistling Key Finder is the ideal solution for anyone who tends to misplace their keys. Simply whistle once they're lost, and your keys will whistle back and flash to alert you to their location...(Read More)
  • Windproof Umbrella
    Fed up of getting soaking wet when it’s windy and raining because your normal umbrella keeps blowing inside out? This Windproof Umbrella lets you stay dry and keeps you covered even on the windiest day...(Read More)
  • Wireless Luggage Finder
    The perfect solution to keeping track of luggage when travelling by air with the new Wireless Luggage Finder. Simply attach this flashing LED tag to your luggage and the remote receiver small enough to fit on a key chain beeps and flashes a red light when the item of luggage is within 120 feet. Supp..(Read More)

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