Presents for Women

Homemate provide a range of high quality Presents and Gifts for Women, perfect for all occasions and age ranges.

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  • Nail Art Stamper Kit
    Create your own professional looking nail designs at a fraction of the cost, from the comfort of your home with the Nail Art Stamper Kit...(Read More)
  • Organiser File
    Keep all your important documents neat and tidy and all in one place with this Organiser File. With centre pockets, corner pockets, zipped areas and even room for a laptop it keeps all your files organised and tidy...(Read More)
  • Panache Gift Set
    Panache is a crisp, soft floral fragrance with musk undertones that is captivating with an intoxicating feminine touch. This modern English perfume is deep and rich but not heavy and overpowering leaving the perfect balance of natural essences on the skin. The Panache Gift Set is the perfect gift fo..(Read More)
  • Pilates Set
    With the growing awareness of the sculpting of the body shape, Pilates is fast becoming one of the most effective exercise regimes in the World. The Pilates Gym Ball for All Set is a fun step-by-step workout, suitable for beginners and intermediate alike; this is a perfect all in one startup kit for..(Read More)
  • Qi Board Game
    This board game is based on the highly successful BBC Quiz show hosted by Stephen Fry. QI has been a favourite among TV viewers since the show began in 2008. QI is arguably the hardest panel game in the world and is built on the philosophy that everything in the world is quite interesting, provided ..(Read More)
  • Russian Cossack Hat
    This simple and elegant black Ladies Russian Cossack Hat is the perfect addition to a winter outfit. Made from high quality faux fur and fully lined it’s a real statement piece. Designed to keep you very warm during those cold winter months...(Read More)
  • Shoe Mobile Phone Holder
    A girl can never have enough shoes! This is one shoe she will definitely want. The perfect accessory, this glamorous black Shoe Mobile Phone Holder and amplifier looks great anywhere...(Read More)
  • Spinning Spa Brush
    Pamper your skin, muscles and feet with the cordless Spinning Spa Brush – turning your showering experience into a luxury spa experience. With 5 interchangeable heads, The Spinning Spa Brush can scrub, soothe & rejuvenate, clean, massage and exfoliate your skin. ..(Read More)
  • Windproof Umbrella
    Fed up of getting soaking wet when it’s windy and raining because your normal umbrella keeps blowing inside out? This Windproof Umbrella lets you stay dry and keeps you covered even on the windiest day...(Read More)

Homemate for Women's Gift and Presents.