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Homemate provide a range of high quality Presents and Gifts for Men, perfect for all occasions and age ranges.

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  • Camera Lens Mug
    Kick start your day with a coffee in your professional mug! An original gift idea for amateur photographers or people who love collecting novelty cups. The Camera Lens Mug is a perfect gift for any occasion...(Read More)
  • Car Travel Gift Set
    The ideal set to keep in your car in case of those unexpected emergencies. The Car Travel Gift Set is perfect for the boot of a car, caravan or even camping...(Read More)
  • Compact Folding Binoculars
    Whether you want to survey the landscape or just get a closer look at birds, the Ultra lightweight, compact folding Binoculars are the perfect choice to take when out and about...(Read More)
  • Dr Who 50th Anniversary DVD Board Game
    A fantastic board game to commemorate 50 years of the cult BBC classic Dr Who – experience all the action with clips from the epic TV Series! Journey through space and time with all 11 Doctors and companions and confront the most fearsome monsters. Fun for all the family – the aim of the game is to ..(Read More)
  • Dumbbell Alarm Clock
    Get up and shape up every morning with the Dumbbell Alarm Clock! If you love working out or know someone who does, then this is the perfect gift to buy!..(Read More)
  • Elvis Special Edition CD
    Elvis Presley is one of the biggest-selling artists of all-time and this Special Edition boxed set is a must for all, fans and non fans alike, young and old. This CD contains a well balanced collection of his songs from the 50's right through to the 70's...(Read More)
  • Emergency Cocktail Shaker – Thirst Extinguisher
    Quench your thirst with just a squirt with this awesome Thirst Extinguisher! This fabulous plastic drink dispenser is in the shape of a fire extinguisher and makes entertaining home gifts for friends, family and for you!..(Read More)
  • Emergency Money Box
    The Emergency Money Box brings new meaning to “breaking the bank”. With its awesome design, the Emergency Money Box can be fixed to the wall, just like those fire alarms some kid in school always used to set off to get out of exams! If you don’t want to wall mount it, no bother, it will happily sit ..(Read More)
  • Gentleman’s Personal Trimmer/Shaver
    Keep yourself well groomed with the Gentleman’s Personal Trimmer/Shaver. The triple head rotary shaver gives a really close shave whilst the trimmer keeps your beard and moustache neatly trimmed...(Read More)
  • Green Pro Multi-Purpose Golf  Accessory Kit
    Green Pro Multi-Purpose Golf Accessory Kit  is a revolutionary, world approved patent golf accessory, designed to allow golfers to retrieve their ball and repair pitchmarks whilst standing - saving their backs and the greens! The unique system allows either an interchangeable ball retriever or pitch..(Read More)
  • Guinness World Records Board Game
    Fancy holding a Guinness World Record title, well now you can with this exciting board game. Great fun for the whole family. This game brings the record books to life. It comes with hundreds of trivia questions and who I am cards and everything you need to set your own personal records. The game is ..(Read More)
  • Heated Gloves
    Keep hands warm in winter with these Heated Gloves which circulate gentle warm air around the hands and fingers...(Read More)
  • Hug Light
    This super versatile Hug Light is the most flexible reading light ever. You can wear it, hang it, wrap it or pose it, simply point the light where you want - however you want. Use it for reading, sewing, knitting or any task where you need to use both your hands...(Read More)
  • Infra-Red Control Helicopter
    Spend hours of fun with this lightweight, agile and durable Infra-Red Control Helicopter. The micro helicopter is easy to fly using built in stabilisers to take to the skies. With a 2-channel, Infra-red remote control, this helicopter can provide hours of fun by allowing you to perform aerial stunts..(Read More)
  • Jumbo 8-in-1 Remote Control
    We defy you to lose this remote control down the back of the sofa! Not only is this Jumbo Remote Control a fun gift, but it is also a practical addition to any home. So no more looking for ‘doobries’, ‘thingamies’ or ‘doofers’ – now you can replace all your remote controls with one convenient and ha..(Read More)

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