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Homemate provide a selection of quality and innovative Outdoor Pest Control products that help get rid of moles, mice, rats, slugs, snails, cats and various flying insects

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  • Active Ant Bait
    Attract and destroy all common ants in and around the home with the advanced bait system, Active Ant Bait. Active Ant Bait is suitable for indoor and outdoors use and should be placed wherever ants are seen. Its unique formulation, which is highly attractive to ants, is securely contained within the..(Read More)
  • Agrothrin
    The versatile Agrothrin is a natural insecticide powder that is perfect for general home and garden use. Agrothrin is an Insecticide for amateur and professional use and kills and deters many types of flying and crawling insects including bed bugs, cockroaches, flies and aphids. For use on hard, por..(Read More)
  • Animal Away
    Deter unwanted animals from entering your garden with Animal Away. With PIR and ultrasonic sound waves to detect and keep any potential pests from your garden without harming them. Safe and humane, keep unwanted cats etc out of your garden...(Read More)
  • Bio Slug Mini Pellets
    To reduce the damage caused by slugs and snails around  edible and non-edible plants use Bio Slug mini pellets...(Read More)
  • Bird Spikes
    Prevent birds from landing and roosting in unwanted areas with the Bird Spikes. They offer a very effective and permanent protection. Simply attach spike strips to fences, walls and roofs etc...(Read More)
  • Bug Free Spray
    Use Bug Free, the fast acting multi-purpose insecticide to kill ants, greenfly, whitefly, blackfly, caterpillars, cabbage aphids, red spider mites and other Mites on ornamental garden plants, such as roses, flowers and fruit and vegetables in the greenhouse and outdoors throughout the year...(Read More)
  • Cat Can Mouse Trap - Twin Pack
    Convert all your old cans into humane mouse traps with the Cat Can Mouse Trap. Simply clip the trap onto an old clean can and you have a humane Mouse Trap. The Cat Can Mouse Trap is reuseable, safe, non-toxic and a simple, yet effective solution to a common problem...(Read More)
  • Cat Repel
    Send those unwanted visitors packing from your garden with Cat Repel! Cat Repel is a great way of stopping cats fouling around the garden. Simply place around flowerbeds, vegetables patches, ponds and more for an effective but humane way of keeping out unwanted cats...(Read More)
  • Doff Ant Killer Powder
    For an efficient and effective way of controlling ants and other crawling insects use Doff Ant Killer Powder...(Read More)
  • Doff Wasp Nest Killer
    For a rapid and effective control of wasp’s nests in and around the home use Doff Wasp Nest Killer...(Read More)
  • Doff Woodlice Killer Powder
    For the control of woodlice, wasps, cockroaches, beetles, earwigs, silverfish and other crawling insects in and around the home, use the versatile, efficient Doff Woodlice Killer Powder. Puff Woodlice Killer into cracks and crevices along and beneath skirting boards and other areas known to be frequ..(Read More)
  • Fito Rat Trap
    Having trouble with unwanted 'visitors' around your home? If rats are causing havoc in your house, garden, shed or workplace simply place the Fito Rat Trap down where the rats have been seen and just let it do its work...(Read More)
  • Get Off My Garden Spray
    Deter cats and dogs from fouling in your garden with the Get Off My Garden Spray. This highly effective treatment helps condition cats and dogs from both fouling and territory marking...(Read More)
  • Greenhouse Garlic Smoke
    Clear your greenhouse of unwanted pests by fumigating with Garlic Greenhouse Smoke...(Read More)
  • Humane Mole Trap
    Working out of sight inside the mole tunnel, the Humane Mole Trap is a kind yet effective way of removing troublesome moles from your garden. The Humane Mole Trap has 2 inward-opening doors which allow the mole to get in, but not out again. Once trapped, the mole can be disposed of in any way which ..(Read More)

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