Paper Pot Maker

Paper Pot Maker
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A great way to recycle old newspapers is to simply turn them into biodegradable pots with this ingenious Paper Pot Maker. The Paper Pot Maker features three specially made pieces of 100% FS Certified wood that can be used to create two different sizes of seedling paper pot allowing you to plant and transplant seedlings without damaging their delicate roots. The roots will be untouched because there is no need to take the paper away, it simply biodegrades. The Paper Pot Maker is eco-friendly, money saving and quick and easy to use.


  • Made from 100% FS Certified wood
  • Makes 2 sizes of seedling pots
  • Transfer seedlings directly from paper potter to ground without damaging roots
  • Save ££££´s on fibre pots
  • A great way to recycle old newspapers
  • Paper pots simply biodegrade
  • A great gift


  • 17.5 x 9cm (7 x 3.5″)


  • 245g

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