Herb Planter

Herb Planter
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Grow your own herbs in this stylish, compact Herb Planter. It's specifically designed for use in small gardens, patios and balconies. Made from a tough woven polyethylene, the dark green planters have eight planting pockets around the side. Each holds around 40 litres of compost and has reinforced drainage holes at the base. They can be easily moved using the handles on each side and positioned almost anywhere.Ideally try to use organic compost and seed for the very best and freshest herbs.


  • Simple to use
  • Neat tidy solution
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Only takes up a small space
  • Holds up to 40l of compost
  • Two carry handles for easy relocation
  • Perfect for balconies, patios & small gardens
  • Neat tidy solution
  • Strong, durable polyethylene
  • 8 planting pockets & large top planting area for 8 different herbs


  • 45cm x 35cm (18 x 14″)


  • 191g

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