Garden Composter

Garden Composter
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The Garden Composter is an easy to store composter which doesn’t need to take up valuable garden space all year round – simply foldaway after cleaning for easy storage. It’s a great way of recycling garden and kitchen waste into nutrient rich compost ready to be used again in the garden for growing more plants and produce.

The Garden Composter has twin carry handles for moving if necessary and is supplied with a hook and loop lid to keep the contents of your composter bag dry and safe from pests. Plus, it also has a hook and loop fastening on the front panel allowing quick and easy access to the contents of the Composter as and when required.


  • Includes carry handles
  • Made of heavy-duty polyethylene
  • Easy access to your compost by opening the front panel
  • Complete with lid
  • Fold away for easy storage


  • 100 Litres Capacity
  • 80  x  40cm (31.5'' x 15.7'')


  • 600g

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