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Homemate provide a vast selection of quality and innovative grow Your Own Garden Products including planters, plant support and protection

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  • Bean and Pea Netting
    Provide just the right amount of vertical and horizontal support with the Bean and Pea Netting. It ensures optimum growth and yield from crops. It allows peas and beans to grow through easily and will flex and stretch allowing it to be shaped over supports easily...(Read More)
  • Bee Kind™ Bee Feeder
    Attract Bees into your garden and support a struggling species. Colourful & robust, weather-proof construction that can either be hung or placed on a flat surface..(Read More)
  • Carrot Planters
    Now you can enjoy the flavour of freshly picked, home-grown carrots! The Carrot planters have sufficient depth to allow carrots to develop to a good size and are designed specifically for use on patios and balconies, or in small gardens...(Read More)
  • Coir Briquettes
    The perfect alternative to peat! The Coir Briquettes can be used for raising seeds or cuttings and as a base for homemade compost as it contains all essential plant nutrients and trace elements. They re-hydrate to make approximate 9 litres of compost...(Read More)
  • Firm Fix - Set of 3
    Firm fix holders provide growbag users with firm, stable support for tall plants and vegetables. They support canes of all sizes and at the end of the growing season they pack together for neat and easy storage for use year after year. They're light and easy to use with no mess - just push Firm Fix ..(Read More)
  • Fleece Grow Tunnel
    Grow your own plants in this easy to use Fleece Grow Tunnel. Protect your plants from pests and the elements all year round...(Read More)
  • Fruit Cage
    Fed up with birds eating all your fruit? If so then this practical walk in Fruit Cage is the ideal solution. It’s ideal for small fruit trees and bushes and much more...(Read More)
  • Garden Composter
    The Garden Composter is an easy to store composter which doesn’t need to take up valuable garden space all year round – simply foldaway after cleaning for easy storage. It’s a great way of recycling garden and kitchen waste into nutrient rich compost ready to be used again in the garden for growing ..(Read More)
  • Hanging Flower Pouches – Hanging Planters
    Create wonderful flower displays & more with these Hanging Planters. Simple to use but with enchanting results. The planters are much easier and cheaper to plant and maintain than traditional hanging baskets. Simply fill with compost then add your own selection of flowers, herbs, tomatoes etc and po..(Read More)
  • Herb Planter
    Grow your own herbs in this stylish, compact Herb Planter. It's specifically designed for use in small gardens, patios and balconies. Made from a tough woven polyethylene, the dark green planters have eight planting pockets around the side. Each holds around 40 litres of compost and has reinforced d..(Read More)
  • Hydro12 Growing System
    Hydro12 Growing System is the vase that keeps plants hydrated for up to 12 months without human intervention! It’s innovative design, compared with vases which rely on a water reservoir, means that the Hydro12 Growing System allows for the cultivation of plants in full earth, indoors or outdoors, wi..(Read More)
  • Magic Garden Seed Mat
    Never has gardening been so easy with these Magic Garden Seed Mats. Simple and easy to use, just lay out these Magic Mats, cover with soil, water regularly and enjoy the results 4-6 weeks later!..(Read More)
  • Maypole Plant Support
    An elegant yet practical trellis for climbing plants! The Maypole Plant Support is a simple, durable support system that integrates form and function to create a dramatic, eye-catching display...(Read More)
  • Paper Pot Maker
    A great way to recycle old newspapers is to simply turn them into biodegradable pots with this ingenious Paper Pot Maker. The Paper Pot Maker features three specially made pieces of 100% FS Certified wood that can be used to create two different sizes of seedling paper pot allowing you to plant and ..(Read More)
  • Poly Grow Tunnel
    With this fantastic Poly Grow Tunnel you can be sure of protecting your plants from the elements and pests all year round.  Easy to assemble, it creates a warm and humid atmosphere for strong healthy plants...(Read More)

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