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Homemate provide a selection of quality and innovative Garden Tools for weeding, pruning, digging and planting

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  • Telescopic Patio Weed Clear Brush
    Get rid of those unsightly, unwanted weeds from patios, paths or block paving easily and effortlessly with the Telescopic Patio Weed Clear Brush. The angled wire bristles get into the grooves and cracks between driveways, paving slabs and decking with ease...(Read More)
  • Telescopic Trowel
    Ideal for hard to reach areas, and perfect for those who struggle to bend, this Telescopic Trowel is a must-have for your garden shed. The strong metal shaft and the stainless steel head make the Telescopic Trowel durable and long lasting. At its shortest measurement of 66cm, you will find this Trow..(Read More)
  • Thingamadig
    One of the most versatile tools you could ever own – the Thingamadig is an essential gardening tool to keep in your shed or tool box. Perfect for beginners or professional gardeners alike, the Thingamadig is the only hand digging tool you’ll ever need. Made from quality stainless steel for strength ..(Read More)
  • Weed Clear Brush
    The Weed Clear Brush roots out those unsightly weeds from patios, paths or block paving easily and effortlessly. The Weed Clear Brush features a tough wooden block with stiff wire bristles to ease out weeds and moss from patios & paths. Adjacent to the wire bristles is a strong spike designed to dig..(Read More)
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