Garden Décor

Homemate provide a selection of decorative Garden Products to enhance the look of the garden including Clocks, Wall Art, Edging and Braziers.

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  • Whistling Birds
    This charming set of Whistling Birds will delight all who walk past as the motion will activate authentic birdsong from each one. Simply place them in your garden, as a group or separately, and enjoy the relaxing sound of birdsong each time you walk near...(Read More)
  • Wild Flower Wall Clock
    The Wild Flower Wall Clock is the perfect gift for anyone who loves flowers or gardening. With a brushed metal-effect surround and quartz movement it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Illustrated with some of our most popular wild flowers this will look stunning on any wall...(Read More)
  • Wind-Up Parasol
    Protect yourself and your loved ones from the scorching British heat with the Windup Parasol. Perfect for those long hot summer days, just sit back, relax and unwind underneath the shade of the parasol...(Read More)
  • Windswept Tree Wall Art
    This eye catching, modern and contemporary Wind Swept Tree wall art will enhance any garden wall. With great attention to detail given throughout, the sweeping tree branches, with birds and green leaves, will remind you of those blustery autumn walks in the park...(Read More)
  • Wooden Bench
    Place this beautiful 3 Seater Wooden Bench in your garden to compliment and enhance your surroundings. The perfect finishing touch for your garden, a place to enjoy the sun, relax and unwind after a long day. Grab yours now!..(Read More)

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