Wild Bird Feeding Station - Deluxe Set

Wild Bird Feeding Station - Deluxe Set
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Invite all your feathered friends to the garden all year round and enjoy watching them feed with this Deluxe Wild Bird Feeding Station. It has the benefit of 3 hanging hooks holding a seed feeder, a nut feeder, a suet block feeder and a fat ball feeder, as well as a bird bath and a seed tray. The RSPB recommend using bird stations in the garden and this product will attract many different types of wild birds. It is recommended that wild bird food should ideally be made available all year round, particularly during fledging, nesting and breeding times. Furthermore it is recognized that feeding wild birds all year round assists in the survival rate of many native birds


  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Spiked base to drive it easily into the ground
  • Includes bird bath, seed dish and brackets to hang feeders off
  • Measures 75″ high
  • Weatherproof enamelled green finish
  • Simple & quick home assembly required


  • 183cm High x 60cm Wide (72 x 24″)


  • 2.2kg

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