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Homemate provide a vast selection of quality and innovative Garden Accessories including garden games, garden watering products, plant food and plant support.

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  • Target Ball
    This hugely entertaining Target Ball game will provide hours of fun for the whole family! Opponents take turns to throw the balls onto the waterproof target to score points. Highest score wins!..(Read More)
  • Thingy Tool Attachment
    Fed up of getting backache when gardening? The Thingy tackles that age old problem of back pain from gardening by positioning the extra handle at the correct angle; the shovel will lift easier as you bend...(Read More)
  • Watering Can - 3 Litre
    This lightweight and durable plastic 3 Litre Watering Can is the perfect addition to any gardener who has limited space...(Read More)
  • Waterstore
    Waterstore is a soil water retention agent that promotes growth and reduces labour and water costs. Waterstore is a polyacrylate resin with an enormous capacity for absorbing water. It improves the structure and aeration of the soil and increases the efficiency of irrigation and watering. It also al..(Read More)
  • Weed Control Fabric
    Keep weeds at bay with the Weed Control Fabric. Ideal for use under chipped bark, pebbles, gravel or decking. The Weed Control Fabric lets nutrients and water through to the plants whilst suppressing the growth of unwanted weeds...(Read More)
  • Widger, Dibber and Label Set
    The Widger, Dibber and Label Set are essential items for anyone wanting to start growing their own vegetables. Labels help to identify the seedlings, whilst the dibber is used to push the seeds into the soil at a suitable depth for each individual plant and the Widger is used for safely uprooting sm..(Read More)

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