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Homemate provide a vast selection of quality and innovative Garden Accessories including garden games, garden watering products, plant food and plant support.

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  • Giant Garden Dominoes
    The hugely entertaining and popular game of dominoes has just got bigger! These Giant Garden Dominoes are a fantastic way to have fun whilst enjoying the great outdoors...(Read More)
  • Greena® Window Bird Feeder
    Provide food and shelter for your feathered friends!. Attaches securely to your window allowing you to view the birds as they come and go..(Read More)
  • Greenhouse Shading
    Greenhouse Shading helps control the climate in a greenhouse and guards against leaf burn by reducing up to 40% of the sun's rays. Its suitable for all typesof greenhouses. A simple & cost-effective way of providing shade and reducing temperatures inside the greenhouse...(Read More)
  • Greenhouse Sulphur Candle
    This traditional product is the quick, sure way of clearing the greenhouse of any nasties before the new season planting begins. The Greenhouse Sulphur Candle will fumigate, disinfect and kill pests and fungal spores on all exposed surfaces...(Read More)
  • Ground Anchor
    Built for the rigors of the typical English garden, the Ground Anchor is ideal to hold sunshades, parasols, gazebos, umbrellas, rotary washing lines etc securely in place. It works best with poles of 5/8" to 1-1/4" (17-33mm) diameter. The wide spiral threads on the ground anchor ease quickly and eas..(Read More)
  • Hang-a-Hose
    No more tussling with that tangled up hose pipe. Simply use hang-a-hose which allows hose loops to hang separately from each other. Furthermore, you only need unravel the length of hose you require, saving time by not having to unwind or rewind. The hang-a-hose holds up to 30 metres of hose, is easy..(Read More)
  • Heavy Duty Polypropylene Rope
    The Heavy Duty Polypropylene Rope is a perfect solution for tying down tarpaulins or outdoor covers...(Read More)
  • Hydro12 Growing System
    Hydro12 Growing System is the vase that keeps plants hydrated for up to 12 months without human intervention! It’s innovative design, compared with vases which rely on a water reservoir, means that the Hydro12 Growing System allows for the cultivation of plants in full earth, indoors or outdoors, wi..(Read More)
  • Kangaroo Pocket Apron
    Gather garden waste on the go without having to bend down with the cleverly designed Kangaroo Pocket Apron. This unique apron not only protects your clothes from dirt and grime, but also protects you from nettles and thorns etc. A perfect solution for back sufferers, simply prune and drop straight i..(Read More)
  • Mini Maypole Plant Support System
    An elegant yet practical trellis for climbing plants! The Mini Maypole Plant Support is a simple, durable support system that integrates form and function to create a dramatic, eye-catching display...(Read More)
  • Mulch Sheet
    Clear away weeds the easy way without using chemicals with the Mulch Sheet...(Read More)
  • Multi Jet Water Cannon
    Blast away dirt and grime from cars, windows and outdoor furniture or provide gentle rain to delicate plants with this Multi Jet Water Cannon. Heavy duty commercial quality that will last for many years. ..(Read More)
  • Noughts and Crosses
    Test your skills with the traditional game of Noughts and Crosses. It’s the simplest fun, but one, we all love and can play...(Read More)
  • Pond Guard
    Protect your pond and fish from predators such as herons and cats with Pond Guard. Pond Guard is a system of interlocking, floating, net rings that protect your pond without causing an eyesore as traditional netting can. It is designed to protect the perimeter of your pond (as this is where the usua..(Read More)
  • SpeedFeed for Growbags & Planters
    Save time, money and water with this eco-friendly, easy to assemble Speed Feeder for Growbags & Planters. This product evenly distributes both water and feed inside the growbag straight to the roots without disturbing and washing away the surface compost...(Read More)

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