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Homemate provide a vast selection of quality and innovative Garden Accessories including garden games, garden watering products, plant food and plant support.

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  • Easy Watering Starter Kit
    Make watering your plants easier with the Easy Watering Starter Kit. It simply attaches to a standard hose fitting and the steady flow means thorough watering without wastage...(Read More)
  • Feed and Forget - 24 Tablets
    Only feed your plants once a year with Feed and Forget! Each cone consists of feed granules which slowly release their nutrients under influence of water and warmth. In this way the plant is fed gradually throughout the season with the exact amount of food it needs. The tablets are quick and easy to..(Read More)
  • Firm Fix - Set of 3
    Firm fix holders provide growbag users with firm, stable support for tall plants and vegetables. They support canes of all sizes and at the end of the growing season they pack together for neat and easy storage for use year after year. They're light and easy to use with no mess - just push Firm Fix ..(Read More)
  • Fito Green Again
    Fito Green Again is the ideal product to feed and care for ornamental plants. Fito Green Again contains nourishing amino acids for strong, healthy-looking, resilient plants. The iron helps to restore the green colour to yellowing foliage. Regular use helps to prevent ferric chlorosis (yellowing of l..(Read More)
  • Fito Irri-Go
    Keep your plants watered while on holiday with the nifty watering gel, Fito Irri-Go. It is specially formulated to water your plants for up to30 days...(Read More)
  • Fito Liquid Feed for Flowering Plants
    Fito Liquid Feed for Flowering Plants is the ideal food for flowering plants indoors and in containers or baskets on patios. It has been specially developed to meet the specific needs of flowering plants...(Read More)
  • Fito Liquid Feed for foliage Plants
    Use Fito Liquid Feed for Foliage Plants for healthier stronger plants. It has been specially developed to meet the specific needs of foliage plants...(Read More)
  • Flowering Plant Stimulant by Fito
    Fito Flowering Plant Stimulant contains natural plant extracts which are absorbed rapidly and efficiently by the plant, promoting development and flowering...(Read More)
  • Folding Trolley Cart
    The Folding Trolley Truck is the perfect aid in moving heavy and awkward loads without worrying about hurting your back. Sturdy, lightweight and compact, folding down to just 3" thick, the Trolley Truck is perfect for storing in the car boot, garden shed or any cupboard within the home. It also has ..(Read More)
  • Garden Compendium
    Keep the kids entertained outside with The Garden Compendium 5 games in 1. It will provide many hours of activities for your family during summer evenings and those long school holidays...(Read More)
  • Garden Draughts
    Ideal for all outdoor events this all-weather Garden Draught set is a perfect garden accessory. Garden Draughts are designed to be played with by all ages and offers a fun and easy experience for all involved...(Read More)
  • Garden Kneeler and Seat
    Getting up and down for garden & DIY chores can be quite a strain on both the back and knees, especially in wet weather. This clever, soft but robust Garden Kneeler and Seat is a handyman’s (or handywoman's!) boon. Made of strong steel tubing, designed around a raised, soft, comfortable kneeling pla..(Read More)
  • Garden Netting
    Protect all seeds, seedlings, vegetables and soft fruit etc. from birds and small animals with the all-purpose Garden Netting...(Read More)
  • Garden Quoits
    Providing fun at parties or picnics, the classic garden game of Garden Quoits is ideal for all the family. Involving skill and accuracy, take it in turns to throw the quoits over the wooden pegs and see who scores the highest points!..(Read More)
  • Garden Tap Jacket
    Prevent your outside tap from freezing and bursting with the durable, thermal insulating Garden Tap Jacket. An essential winter purchase for those with outside taps...(Read More)

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