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Homemate provide a vast selection of quality and innovative Garden Accessories including garden games, garden watering products, plant food and plant support.

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  • 7 Dial Spray Lance
    Now you can water those hard to reach places with the 7 Dial Spray Lance with its adjustable water flow and elongated hose. Also ideal for watering hanging baskets and planters around the home. With 7 different spray settings for all your watering needs...(Read More)
  • 71 Piece Micro Irrigation Kit
    Take the hard work out of watering  balconies, hanging baskets, terraces, greenhouses, kitchen gardens, flower beds and potted plants etc with the 71 Piece Micro Irrigation Kit...(Read More)
  • 8 Dial Spray Lance
    Now you can water those hard to reach places with the 8 Dial Spray Lance. With a telescopic shaft and adjustable, angled head, this lance is a very versatile and durable garden must-have.  With 8 different spray settings for all your watering needs...(Read More)
  • Adjustable Plant Ties
    Ideal for staking and training plants, trees and shrubs and for tying climbing plants to trellis etc. The Adjustable Plant Ties are fully adjustable for securing any type of plants...(Read More)
  • Analogue Water Timer
    Automate your garden watering system with the Analogue Water Timer. Simply attach the water timer in with your watering system for your garden, and you will no longer need to worry about having time to water your plants, as the timer will do it automatically for you once programmed...(Read More)
  • Bean and Pea Netting
    Provide just the right amount of vertical and horizontal support with the Bean and Pea Netting. It ensures optimum growth and yield from crops. It allows peas and beans to grow through easily and will flex and stretch allowing it to be shaped over supports easily...(Read More)
  • Bee Kind™ Bee Feeder
    Attract Bees into your garden and support a struggling species. Colourful & robust, weather-proof construction that can either be hung or placed on a flat surface..(Read More)
  • Big Hands
    Make collecting leaves and garden waste easier and quicker with the Big Hands. These sturdy, lightweight plastic Big Hands really are a gardener's friend...(Read More)
  • Biotek Compost Maker
    Turn grass, garden waste and left over fruit and veg into compost in less than half the time of other leading solutions with Biotek Compost Maker. Simply dilute the solution into a watering can and sprinkle onto your compost heap or into your compost bin and the natural enzymes and microorganisms wi..(Read More)
  • Capillary Matting
    Keep your plants watered whilst on holiday with the Capillary Matting. The excellent capillary matting feeds a constant supply of water direct to the roots of plants. It is ideal for watering greenhouse and indoor plants as it is economical, virtually automatic and saves a great deal of time and ene..(Read More)
  • Coir Briquettes
    The perfect alternative to peat! The Coir Briquettes can be used for raising seeds or cuttings and as a base for homemade compost as it contains all essential plant nutrients and trace elements. They re-hydrate to make approximate 9 litres of compost...(Read More)
  • Concentrated Feed For Orchids by Fito
    For stronger healthier plants use Fito Concentrated Feed for Orchids, it’s the perfect choice as it has been specially developed to meet the specific needs of orchid plants...(Read More)
  • Drip Tray
    Save water when watering house plants with the Drip Tray. Simply place the plants onto the drip tray and water, the excess water runs into the intake hole and can then be used to water more plants...(Read More)
  • Easy Watering Extension Kit
    The Easy Watering Extension Kit is a low cost option that can be added to an existing watering system and which fits the Easy Watering Patio or starter kit...(Read More)
  • Easy Watering Patio Kit
    Make watering your plants easier with the Easy Watering Patio Kit. This comprehensive kit simply connects to the end of an existing hose pipe and the steady flow means thorough watering without wastage...(Read More)

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