Biotek Compost Maker

Biotek Compost Maker
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Turn grass, garden waste and left over fruit and veg into compost in less than half the time of other leading solutions with Biotek Compost Maker. Simply dilute the solution into a watering can and sprinkle onto your compost heap or into your compost bin and the natural enzymes and microorganisms will accelerate the breakdown of material.

Using no harmful toxins, Biotek Compost Maker is good for the environment and great for growing vegetables. It provides a quick and easy way of turning garden or kitchen waste into nutrient rich compost ready for use in growing more fresh produce. Reduce the amount of waste generated by your household by turning it into something useful and save money by never having to purchase compost from your local garden centre again. 500ml of Biotek Compost Maker is enough to treat 100 bin bags worth of waste.


  • Non-Toxic & safe to use around children and pets
  • Increases the rate at which your waste become compost
  • Simply dilute with water and sprinkle over compost
  • 500ml - Enough to treat up to 100 bin bags of waste


  • 500ml


  • 577g

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