7 Day Pill Organiser

7 Day Pill Organiser
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The perfect way to keep your medication safe and organised is with this 7 Day Pill Box. Clearly marked out as Morning, Noon, Evening and Bedtime, it will ensure that anyone with multiple doses of medication will not forget which tablets to take at what time of day and you can also keep a note of what tablets have been taken.

It is also labelled from Sunday through to Saturday, so topping up your tablets from one week to the next couldn’t be simpler. Perfect for storing your medication together in one place, making them easy to take out with you; or simply store safely at home where you won’t forget them.


  • 7 Removable storage chests (labelled for each day), each with 4 compartments - one for morning, noon, evening and night time medications
  • A great way to keep on top of daily medication schedules and for building routines
  • Each compartment is clearly labelled and is also labelled in Braille
  • Pocket sized, for easy storage and transportation


  • 2.5 x  17 x 10cm (1 x 6.75 x 4")


  • 80g

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